Chocolate bars

Bahen & Co makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. A traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time.
The chocolate factory operates from the family farm in Margaret River – Western Australia. A region with a raw natural beauty and strong community that supports the efforts of its small producers.

Chilli & Salt
The flavour combination was perfected by the ancient Aztecs. Flame roasted chilli varietals meet our House Blend chocolate. Finished with a dusting of flaked sea salt.

House Blend 80%:
Our darker House Blend brings forth the chocolate makers craftmanship to create the perfect blend of single origin cacaos.

Almond Sea Salt:
Our House Blend chocolate meets the finest of almonds, slow roasted with our farm grown olive oil. Finished with hand harvested sea salt.

Papua New Guinea:
Sourced from a volcanic valley on the wild isles of Papua New Guinea. This heirloom cacao exhibits flavours of raspberry cream & citrus fruits.

Vietnam 75% Cacao:
Amongst the maze of rivers downstream from Saigon, lie island gardens holding a colonial treasure from another time. Flavours unique to the Mekong Delta, look for cinnamon, liquorice, balsamic & espresso.

House Blend 70%:
A selection of single plantation cacao’s stone ground to produce a complex chocolate in a distinct house style.

Raspberry & Rose:
Here field ripened raspberries meet our house blend chocolate, then finished with Persian rose petals.

Cherry & Coconut:
Here handpicked sour cherries and crunchy toasted coconut meet our house blend chocolate.

Orange & Hazelnut:
Zesty sun ripened Valencia oranges and slow roasted hazelnuts meet our house blend chocolate.

Guatemala 75% Cacao:
Perched on the steep slopes of the Oana Itzam Mountains. Indigenous Mayan farmers cultivate a distinctive cacao. Find flavours of cookie dough, banana & soft caramel tones.

Delivery not included in price. Add this product to a plant or flower delivery to make it extra special!

If you’re not sure if the recipient will be able to accept their order at the time of delivery please decide whether this product is suitable to be left outside in the elements. We are not able to provide refunds or replacements if chocolate melts in the summer heat. Thank you for your understanding.