About us

We’ve found a sustainable way to deliver flowers, with minimal waste!

We operate a little differently to the big guys, focusing on a unique style of flowers which changes daily. We focus on minimising the amount of flowers that end up in landfill by only buying what we need each day – so it goes straight from our local grower’s market to your door!

We wanted to minimise the impact we have on our environment by using Kraft brown recyclable paper and natural jute twine to bundle our flowers – all of which are biodegradable (and they look great)! We thought it was time to say goodbye to hot pink cellophane and curly ribbons – you’re welcome! We try and re-use as much of our water as possible to water our plant babies.

Our online ordering process is simple and we have taken the fuss out of choosing which flowers to order by offering one style of flowers per day. Our style and quality are consistent so you know that you will always get a beautiful bunch of flowers, even if you pre-order weeks in advance! We try and keep the size of our bunches as consistent as possible, but with the nature of the product, they will vary from day to day – but the value always remains the same.

We focus a lot of time and attention on sourcing the best products that are available to us and we really do care about the quality of our product. Flowers being beautifully natural, there are always going to be times when flowers aren’t as perfect as we would like them to be and times when things like the weather and heat are beyond our control – but we do the best we can to make sure that our product is of a high standard, just the way we like it!

This business was created to make delivering flowers affordable for everyone! While we do our best to be competitive, we do still face all of the same costs as a ‘traditional florist’. It takes a lot of time and hands to produce one bunch of flowers, lucky we love what we do!

Poppy Rose started as a 100% online business. Over the years we noticed the demand for customers wanting to pop in and buy a bunch of our flowers. At first we planned to continue to solely operate online. Fast forward to today and we now have our beautiful retail store in Norman Park.