Order a Floral Subscription

Thank you for your interest in our floral subscriptions! They are the perfect gift or just a way to treat yo’ self!

These are a pre-paid product which are designed as a lovely gift option for your loved ones.
We can also set them up to be a frequent flower delivery option for those needing a little self love – we’re all about that!

Please complete the order form below with all of the information for your subscription and a member of our team will be in touch
very soon to get any further information that we might need as well as organise payment with you.

Please note no payment will be taken at the end of this form – but once completed we will receive an email containing all of the
information you have provided which should be everything we need to get your floral subscription under way!

Once your floral subscription is confirmed and payment has completed your deliveries will be scheduled in our delivery system.
The receiver will receive an envelope containing all of the information about their subscription with their first delivery. 

They can make changes to the delivery address or date if required by contacting us with the information provided on those cards.
(These cards are optional. If you would like each delivery to be a surprise please let us know below and we won’t send them).

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 07 3397 2927 or email us at hi@poppyrose.com.au.

Order a Floral Subscription
Prices include delivery within our set delivery zone - if the address that your deliveries are going to fall outside our set delivery zone, extra delivery fees may be applicable.
If we are unable to start your delivery on this date for any reason, we will be in touch.
Please check that the delivery suburb falls within our set delivery zone - if the suburb does not fall within our set delivery zone, extra delivery fees may be applicable. To see a full list of our delivery suburbs please see our 'Where we go' page under the FAQ page on our main menu.
If you would like seperate card messages for each delivery, please include which deliveries each card message is for above.