FAQ and delivery

Here’s a few little things we get asked fairly often. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, shoot us an email at hi@poppyrose.com.au

How does it all work?

Well it’s all really simple actually. We head to the markets each morning, pick out the best flowers we can, make one different styled bunch each day and then deliver them all over Brisbane from just $44 including delivery to selected suburbs. We focus on providing a cost effective service which can be used by people with lots of different budgets. This is why we chose to keep most of our bunches smaller.

When you purchase a bunch of flowers from us that price covers the cost of the flowers, delivery, wages, taxes and business running costs. We are a business too, so we make a small profit at the end of each sale. We do like to be pretty transparent about our business model and our products so be sure to read through our FAQ page for answers to hopefully all of your questions!

Is delivery included in the price of my flowers?

All of our flowers and plants on our website are priced inclusive of delivery to all suburbs within our set delivery zone. Our set delivery zone covers all of the suburbs that our in house drivers cover. Any suburbs outside of that zone are delivered by a third party courier and do incur an additional delivery fee.

For all of the suburbs that do fall within our set delivery zone, delivery is included in the cost of your flowers. (Suburbs outside of our delivery zone do incur an additional fee as they are delivered by a third party courier). All of our deliveries are dispatched from our store in Norman Park.

How are you different to a traditional florist?

We’ve found a sustainable way to deliver flowers, with minimal waste! We operate a little differently to the big guys, focusing on a unique style of flowers which changes daily. We focus on minimising the amount of flowers that end up in the bin by only buying what we need each day – so it goes straight from our local grower’s market to your door!

Whatever we don’t sell online, we sell in our retail store in Norman Park. We use a natural Kraft brown paper to wrap our flowers and a jute twine to tie them off – both of which are biodegradable products. Our online ordering process is simple and by keeping our business online and keeping our overheads as low as possible we are able to keep the costs of our flowers down – that one’s for you!

How big will my bunch of flowers be?

This depends on what option you order. We have three options in our Daily range, the Small, Medium and Mega bunch.

DAILY SMALL $44 inc delivery
Our Original small bunch. A small selection of fresh seasonal blooms.

DAILY MEDIUM $70 inc delivery
The next size up in our daily blooms selection.
Our Mediums contain about double the amount of flowers
to our Small bunch.

DAILY MEGA $125 inc delivery
An abundant bouquet full of our daily blooms.
This is our largest daily arrangement which is sure to make a statement.

We try to keep the size of our flowers as consistent as possible each day however we do work to a specific value of flowers per bunch. The flowers in each bunch change daily depending on what we can find at the markets which means that while the sizes of the bunches may vary from day to day, the value of what’s inside will always remain the same.

If you would like something bigger than our Large size or would like to choose the colours/style of your flowers, please consider our ‘Send a custom bunch’ option which starts at $145 including delivery to selected suburbs.

Can I choose my flowers?

We’ve taken care of that for you! Our daily bunches are selected each morning. If you do want something made in certain colour or style, that’s ok – just place a ‘Send a custom bunch’ order on our website. Our custom bunches start at $145 including delivery (additional courier fees for some suburbs). Please note that we do require 24 hours notice for any Custom bunches as we need to purchase these flowers from the markets for you in the morning.

What different options do you have?

We think options are good – so we do have a few for you to choose from.

DAILY SMALL $44 inc delivery
Our Original small bunch. A small selection of fresh seasonal blooms.

DAILY MEDIUM $70 inc delivery
The next size up in our daily blooms selection.
Our Mediums contain about double the amount of flowers
to our Small bunch.

DAILY MEGA $125 inc delivery
An abundant bouquet full of our daily blooms.
This is our largest daily arrangement which is sure to make a statement.

Send a custom bunch: maybe you want a special colour or style, we get it. These start at $145 including delivery and can be customised to meet your specific wants or needs.

*Being in a forever changing industry, the prices of our flowers are subject to change without notice. Any changes made will be displayed within our products on our website. Price changes within our products indicate a change of pricing from our suppliers. The amount of flowers in each bunch may change from day to day but the value will always remain the same.

When is your cut off time?

12pm or until sold out, which ever comes first. A lot of the time our flowers are so lovely that they are sold out in a flash so be sure to get in nice and early or to pre-order to avoid missing out.

Can I order in advance?

Yup, sure can. Just select the ‘send on a later date’ option under the ‘order flowers’ tab on the menu. You can order the day before, the week before, the month before – you get the point.

Do you deliver to my area?

Check out the ‘Where we deliver’ page for a full list of suburbs that we service.


My area isn't on the list, can you go there?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Sometimes if we’re really nice to our courier we can ask them to make a special trip for you – but it does come at a price. Shoot us an email at hi@poppyrose.com.au and we can let you know just what that price is. You can also call us in the office on 07 3395 4273.

What payment options do you have?

Our website takes both Paypal and Credit card payment. Our retail store has EFTPOS and we also take good old fashioned cash payments.

What time will my flowers arrive, can I have them before a certain time?

We’re busy little bees in the mornings and spend hours preparing your flowers. They leave the studio in Norman Park just after lunch time and our couriers spend the afternoons running them around Brisbane. We’re unable to tell you an exact time they will be delivered but you can expect orders to business addresses to be completed by 5:30pm and residential by 6pm. We’re unable to guarantee delivery time frames as our courier has to follow the most efficient route of travel. If you need your flowers to arrive by a certain time, please contact the office for an on demand delivery quote.

If you provide the correct email address when placing your order you will receive an email once our driver is on their way to you and another one once your flowers have been delivered.

What if the recipient leaves work early?

If your lucky receiver leaves work before our driver arrives, their flowers will be left at their work place. Imagine how happy they’ll be to start the next day with a lovely little bunch on their desk! Don’t worry, every bunch is delivered with a little water bag, so they’ll be able to have a little drink over night. Unfortunately if this happens on a Friday, the same terms and conditions do apply. If your receiver tends to leave work early on a Friday it may be a safer option to order them to their home address. Most days we are not able to re-direct flowers once they have left the studio.

What if they're not home when the flowers are delivered?

This is an easy one. If the receiver isn’t home, we’ll leave them at the front door. If you’d like us to leave them somewhere else, just let us know when you place your order. If they have one of those big fancy houses with security gates and codes or they live in a big apartment building, just remember to let us know how we can access the property.

If we can’t get in, we can’t leave the flowers and will have to bring them back to the studio. Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that the address you have provided is correct and that the property we’re delivering flowers to is accessible for our couriers – they don’t really like jumping fences.

We will only try and call the receiver or sender if we feel there is a problem with your order. If we deliver your flowers when the receiver is not home and you have provided the wrong address, we are not able to try and retrieve your order and you will need to place a new order (unless that person is lovely enough to get in touch)!

What if my flowers are returned to the studio because they couldn't be delivered?

This doesn’t happen too often but there is the odd little guy that makes his way back us. This is why it’s super important to check your order before sending it off to us. Wrong addresses, missing information on orders, patients being discharged early and inaccessible buildings are the main reasons that we see our flowers come back.

If we need to re-deliver your flowers, we’ll have to charge you a re-delivery fee – we don’t like it but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. If we need to deliver fresh flowers, we’ll need you to place a brand new order. Our re-delivery fees start at $15 for suburbs within our set delivery zone. Some suburbs may incur extra re-delivery fees which will be calculated before re-booking your delivery.

Do you deliver on the weekend?

Our flower + plant deliveries only take place Monday to Friday. You can come and see us in store at Norman Park on Saturdays from 8 till 2.

Can I pick up from your shop?

You sure can, as long as it’s within our opening hours. If you would like to order a daily bunch for pick up we do advise that you call our store and reserve a bunch first – we would hate for you to come in after we are sold out of flowers! You can also place a pick up order online and select the ‘Pick up’ option from the suburb drop down box. The price of your flowers will be a little less if you’re picking up as we remove the delivery fee.

We do have a selection of other fresh flowers available in store as well. You’ll find us at Shop 4, 50 Hume street, Norman Park. This is where all of our online orders are prepared and dispatched from.

How do I know if my flowers have been delivered?

You should receive an email including the proof of delivery once your flowers have been delivered.

There's a problem with my order, what do I do?!

Most importantly, do not stress – we repeat, do not stress. Jump onto your computer, phone, iPad – and just email us, that’s what we’re there for. Sometimes things change, we understand that. It can be a little tricky to make changes to a same day order once it has left the studio – but if the flowers are still hanging around we’ll do our best to make any changes for you. You can reach us at hi@poppyrose.com.au. You can also call us on 07 3395 4273.

How do I keep my flowers looking pretty?

  • Remove them from their wrapping and pop them into some fresh water
  • Snip the ends on an angle every few days and give them some fresh water, they’ll love you for it
  • Our flowers go straight from the markets to you, so they should look great for at least 2-3 days after you receive them

If for any reason looking at your flowers makes you sad, please email us at hi@poppyrose.com.au.

What are your opening hours

Shop 4, 50 Hume street
Norman Park

Monday – Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday: 8am – 2pm
Sunday: Closed

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm. If you are emailing us regarding an order we will try our best to respond during these hours. If you need to contact us outside of our office hours please email and we will get back to you ASAP. To speak to someone in our office please call 07 3395 4273 during office hours.

Where is your shop

You can find us at Shop 4, 50 Hume street Norman Park. All our of online orders are prepared and dispatched from this location.

How can I find you and is there parking?

There are customer car parks on the street out the the front of our shop or plenty of side street parking available. Don’t be tempted to go down the driveway – there is no parking but there and there’s a good chance you’ll have trouble getting your car out.

What if I'm not happy with the size of my bunch of flowers

We will always try our best to rectify any quality issues if it is within a couple of days of your delivery. Unfortunately we are not able to provide any refunds or re-deliveries for any issue relating to the size of your bunch of flowers. Due to the nature of our product, the size of flowers will vary from bunch to bunch. The pictures on our website and social media can only be used as a general guide. The same value of flowers is wrapped up in every bunch, but the sizes may vary. Sizes may also vary depending on the types of flowers or foliage used each day. This is something that is beyond our control. Some flowers also have a higher per stem value than others.

The choice of flowers used in our daily and custom bunches remains at the discretion of our florists and market buyers. These decisions are heavily based on season, quality and availability.  In order to continue to offer our service at a set, all inclusive price, it must be part of our Terms and Conditions that we are unable to provide any refunds or replacement flowers for complaints about the size of your bunch of flowers. Please trust us and rest assured that you are receiving value for money when you choose to shop with us.